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The Internet of Farms – Insights from The Netherlands

In July this year, KPMG led a delegation of senior Australian executives from the food, agribusiness, government and education sectors to the Internet of Farms in the Netherlands. This Tech Traction tour enabled the delegation to meet first hand with the leading innovators and institutions that are developing disruptive technologies harnessed from the Fourth Industrial Revolution that have enabled The Netherlands to become a globally recognised leader in the Ag 4.0 sector. During the tour the delegation had the opportunity to:

  • Witness first-hand how the Netherland, a country two-thirds the size of Tasmania, manages to produce $158 Billion of agri-food exports versus Australia’s $50 Billion
  • Understand why agri-food export earnings per hectare in the Netherlands are $83,300 versus Australia $109 (810 times more than Australia)
  • Learn how it is that Australia has 185 times more land mass and 249 times more productive agriculture land, and yet the Netherlands exports three times more agri-foods per year making them #2 in the world only after the USA
  • See how the Netherlands has unlocked on-farm data by deploying a nationwide IoT communication networks that is helping to digitally transform the sector
  • Develop connections, relationships, insights and ideas that enabled actionable traction to be developed and applied back home in Australia

This panel session will bring together a selection of delegates who attended the tour who will share their learnings and discuss how they can be applied to an Australian market, including:

  • Rob Fitzpatrick, Chairman of Integrity Systems Company and Non Executive Director of Meat and Livestock Australia
  • Matt Brand, Chief Executive Officer of Hort Innovation
  • Azaria Dobson, NSW Manager Special Activation Precincts for the Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation
  • Will Mullholland, General Manager, Exports, Fresh Food at Coles Group
  • Piers Hogarth-Scott, National Leader, Internet of Things at KPMG Digital Delta (and co-lead of the Internet of Farms Tech traction tour to the Netherlands)

Moderator: Ben van Delden, Partner and Head of AgriFood Tech, KPMG (and orchestrator of the Internet of Farms Tech Traction Tour to the Netherlands)

Note: IoT Impact features other conference streams that are relevant to Food & Agriculture, including manufacturing, cyber security, AI, water and startups, explore the program. 



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