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Leveraging Connected Devices and the Cloud to Raise the Bar on Customer and Citizen Experience (Practical Workshop)

Leading companies / government organisations are on a journey of digital and customer transformation: a journey that will transform their business from selling and delivering a physical product or asset, to delivering proactive customer experiences tied to connected products. To achieve this goal, companies / governments need to connect their physical assets to their customer or citizen experience. This connection empowers any organisation, and every trailblazer, to harness data streaming from their network of connected products and reimagine the way they sell, service, market, build apps, and more. During this workshop, we will discuss details of how companies are reimagining their customer and employee experience, how business models are evolving and considerations for executives to thrive in The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The workshop will touch on topics such as:
• How relationships with companies / government agencies are changing as a result of IOT and other 4IR Technologies.
• New Benchmarks for Consumer / Citizen Experience
• Trust in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
• New Business Models
• How to capitalise on the data provided by IOT assets



The 2019 IoT Impact Cocktail Function
& Awards

Tuesday 15 October 2019
Hyatt Regency

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