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Days of panel sessions, workshops, partner programs, keynote speeches, awards and more


Key Industries adopting IoT technologies including Healthcare, Food & Agribusiness, Smart Cities, Transport, Water, Energy, Manufacturing


Key Delegates showcasing the ways in which industry, government and communities are Seizing the IoT Opportunity


Hover over the icons in each conference stream below to identify cross sector collaboration:

The program has been built on IoTAA’s core belief of cross sector collaboration and sharing of information, the program is designed to easily identify related sectorial challenges and opportunities, we understand that key sectors can learn from each other.

IoT Impact Prioritises Cross Sector Collaboration between:
Smart Cities (Smart Precincts, Smart Buildings), Food & Agribusiness, Water, Energy, Transport, Manufacturing, Health.
The program is led by key individuals who will deliver content on technology enablers such as Cybersecurity, Data Use, Access and Privacy, Platforms and Interoperability and Collaboration, IoT Startups, AI and Blockchain.

The team behind IoT Impact program make it compelling:
The conference program is driven by a diverse group of IoT influencers from key sectors who volunteer their time to IoTAA, they work within Energy, Water, Transport, Manufacturing, Food and Agribusiness, Health, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings and Prop Tech.


Key industries and technologies share common IoT opportunities and challenges, use the icons to identify other relevant conference streams.


The Smart Cities conference stream aims to advance adoption of IoT solutions for enhancing citizen services and shaping more sustainable communities. This conference stream will provide insights, examples and information about urban IoT opportunities in our public places and spaces. This conference stream is based on a collaboration with multiple industry groups, government agencies, standards bodies and academia. The sessions within the conference stream will focus on key drivers and influencers that will shape the dynamics of future cities with focus on Smart Cities and Smart Buildings.  Attend our interactive workshop designed to give delegates key take homes.

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IoT offers great opportunities to expand Australia’s food export market - by ensuring provenance of high-value products to the end customer and increasing production yields through precision-technology farming. conference stream sessions will focus on Australia’s competitive position in food and agriculture through technology.  Attend an interactive panel session will discuss ‘The Internet of Farms - Insights from the Netherlands’ and the interactive workshop designed to take home key actions:

SESSION FOCUS: In July this year, KPMG led a delegation of senior Australian executives from the food, agribusiness, government and education sectors to the Internet of Farms in the Netherlands.

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Water is one of the first sessions on day one of the conference, kicking off with the question 'Is the water industry ready for IoT'? The audience will get answers as to how IoT is driving new business models, changing user behaviours and producing more sustainable ways of delivering water.  A panel of experts in their field will discuss Water innovation in real-life practice.

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There has been a great focus on adding renewable generation capacity to the grid.  Much of this has been in the form of Distributed Energy assets.  However, there has been less focus on the need to manage power quality across the distribution networks – leading to issues in managing phase and voltage.    The future will see a very different Distribution Network to accommodate these changes and maintain power quality.  IoT will become a significant part of managing that network, sensing at many more places than we have in the past – including beyond the meter.  Learn more about the impact of IoT on the future grid and DERM at Impact19 – are we there yet?

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It’s the IoTAA’s aim to create an Australian Transport sector that is world leading in IoT adoption, investment, and benefits. As an association we have been working tirelessly to raise awareness of the critical importance of IoT to this sector and are deeply engaged with key stakeholders across the IoT eco-system. Sessions for this sector address challenges faced by this sector one particular session Integrated Mobility and Managing Congestion - focuses on how to keep the wheels turning while introducing new technologies and models for EV/Autonomous/Shared/Public Transport?

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Digital strategy is no longer just about having a website, SEO and e-commerce.  IT and OT need to work together, to go beyond lean manufacturing and create a data-led organisation, enabling digital experimentation to lower your operating costs, and possibly even add value to your products.  This workshop will use an action-learning approach, centred around business case studies, to understand how and where to focus your attention to digitalize your operations.

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IoTAA aims to be the leading industry body to advance IoT applications in Digital Health. IoT Impact includes conference stream sessions that demonstrate potential new models of care through innovative IoT technology to improve personal health. Our panel session improving Patient Care through IoT Digital Health is guaranteed to give delegates key take-homes.

IoT Impact Workshop | Digital Revolution and ‘ME’ Through IoT
Looking through the Co-design lens:
Reframing how partnerships and co-design lead to better value healthcare.

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If IoT is about connecting the real world to the digital and making use of the data, AI is the digital engine provides that the intelligence to predict, decide and react - what could go wrong?

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Increased cyber-attacks through connected devices continue to pose significant obstacles to IoT adoption. These sessions tackle the privacy issues with interoperability and an insight into best practices. Cyber security and IoT innovations are inseparable. To successfully drive innovations in IoT, businesses must first define and deploy the right cyber defense approach. Join this conference stream to discuss the strategic frameworks to future-proof your organization.  WORKSHOP: 'IoT Security Certification - what does it mean?'

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There are plenty of options available – and now – for connecting massive numbers of IoT sensors, across all parts of Australia. What’s holding us up?  Attend this conference stream for more insight.

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With vast resources of data already out there and a tsunami of additional data coming, getting access to the data we need is fundamental for Australia’s future economic benefit. How can we manage that and protect national, business and consumer interests?

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Are you ready to implement IoT in your organisation? or still deciding if it's right for your organisation?  Each conference workshop is a two hour interactive session providing delegates with hands-on experience and skills to take home. Enjoy a facilitated workshop environment that fosters creativity, exploration and collaboration, combining diversity of expertise.
Also, make new connections and partnerships, enable the momentum to continue.

Explore our workshops:

Sustainability and the circular economy - How Can IoT make an Impact?
The digital transformation is also transforming our global economy - world leaders are preparing for a new Circular Economy that will be sustainable, connected and will disrupt business as usual. The Circular Economy is decoupling economic growth from resource use and in doing so giving birth to new sustainable sharing and reuse businesses, infrastructure and services. Join our interactive workshop to understand how important IoT is to an Australian Circular Economy and help create your own circular projects.

Cyber Security Workshop
Making sense of IoT Security

Startup Workshop
IoTAA’s startup and innovation stream is bringing you a workshop to connect with the Australian IoT startup community. We will show you how to navigate through the Australian IoT startup ecosystem and present you with the results of our ecosystem survey. You will learn about innovative business models enabled by IoT and how to use human-centred design to craft IoT solutions that will resonate with your customers. Our panel of IoT startup experts will explore the challenges and opportunities of running an IoT startup in Australia.

Supply Chain
Learn about the latest Australian innovations, use-cases and real-world business benefits in IoT-enabled Supply Chain and Logistics. The program will include highly-interactive accelerated learning workshop sessions with some of the leading organisations in this space.

Health Co-design Workshop
Health: Digital Revolution and ‘ME’ Through IoT

Digital readiness for your manufacturing business

IoT in Water – Overcoming the Challenges
Although IoT has great promise in the Water Sector, there are also significant challenges to be overcome in moving to successful implementation. These include financial, organisational, technical and practical obstacles.  Most of these difficulties are not unique to the Water Sector, but common across multiple industries.   In this highly interactive workshop we will explore and compare the challenges being faced, and use design thinking to formulate best practice approaches to addressing these challenges.  The session will include short presentations, interactive voting, and co-design work.  Participants from all sectors are encouraged to attend, with diversity of input seen as being key to achieving innovative ways to address common concerns.

Food & Agribusiness: IoT Impact Workshop: IoT, data and the drought
Farmers are experimenters and innovators by their nature. The Agtech market is booming and most modern farms have a plethora of technology generating oceans of data. But data is useless if we can’t make sense of it. IoT might be the key to connecting technology and data in a way that can help farmers manage the complexities of a harsh and often unpredictable climate.

Empathy is the keyword in this dynamic workshop that aims to put you in the boots of an Australian farmer. You will be encouraged to better understand the experience of farmers as they live and work on drought-affected land. What are the first things they think about each morning? What are their priorities? How do they evaluate short, medium and long-term risks? How do they value and track natural capital alongside traditional assets?

This is just the first step in a fast-paced challenge that will take you through an innovation process that puts the end-user at the very center of technology development. You will rapidly test ideas and prototypes and constantly be challenged to ask yourself: what is the problem we are solving and who are we solving it for?

If you’re interested in agriculture and food systems, and their interface with technology, then this workshop is for you. Equally, if you want to learn new design-led innovation approaches, or if you just like eating safe healthy food, you’ll also get a lot out of the facilitated session.

Enterprise IoT: From the Art of the Possible to the Art of the Practical
The hot discussion on how IoT will drive business transformation has lasted for more than a decade. However, for many of us, it is disappointing that enterprise IoT has not yet ”crossed the chasm” to larger full-scale adoption. Difficult value-based pricing, hard to maintain custom apps, complex lifecycle management of many technology vendors, hesitancy to invest without an upgrade path all creates barriers. Our challenge now is to evolve from thinking about the Art of the Possible to the Art of the Practical. John Gordon, President of the Commercial IoT Group at Lenovo will share practical insights on what it takes to own, manage, and support technology solutions at scale pulled from bot the industry and Lenovo’s history of global technology support.

Devices and the Cloud to Raise the Bar on Customer and Citizen Experience (Practical Workshop)
Leading companies/government organisations are on a journey of digital and customer transformation: a journey that will transform their business from selling and delivering a physical product or asset, to delivering proactive customer experiences tied to connected products. To achieve this goal, companies/governments need to connect their physical assets to their customer or citizen experience. This connection empowers any organisation, and every trailblazer, to harness data streaming from their network of connected products and reimagine the way they sell, service, market, build apps, and more. During this workshop, we will discuss details of how companies are reimagining their customer and employee experience, how business models are evolving and considerations for executives to thrive in The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

IoT Connectivity for decision makingLeveraging Connected Combining AI & IoT to create real-world value

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