Are you ready to implement IoT in your organisation? or still deciding if it’s right for your organisation?  Each conference workshop is a two hour interactive session providing delegates with hands-on experience and skills to take home. Enjoy a facilitated workshop environment that fosters creativity, exploration and collaboration, combining diversity of expertise.
Also, make new connections and partnerships, enable the momentum to continue.

Explore our workshops:

Sustainability and the circular economyHow Can IoT make an Impact?
The digital transformation is also transforming our global economy – world leaders are preparing for a new Circular Economy that will be sustainable, connected and will disrupt business as usual. The Circular Economy is decoupling economic growth from resource use and in doing so giving birth to new sustainable sharing and reuse businesses, infrastructure and services. Join our interactive workshop to understand how important IoT is to an Australian Circular Economy and help create your own circular projects.

Cyber Security Workshop
Making sense of IoT Security

Startup Workshop
IoTAA’s startup and innovation stream is bringing you a workshop to connect with the Australian IoT startup community. We will show you how to navigate through the Australian IoT startup ecosystem and present you with the results of our ecosystem survey. You will learn about innovative business models enabled by IoT and how to use human-centred design to craft IoT solutions that will resonate with your customers. Our panel of IoT startup experts will explore the challenges and opportunities of running an IoT startup in Australia.

Supply Chain
Learn about the latest Australian innovations, use-cases and real-world business benefits in IoT-enabled Supply Chain and Logistics. The program will include highly-interactive accelerated learning workshop sessions with some of the leading organisations in this space.

Health Co-design Workshop
Digital Revolution and ‘ME’ Through IoT, read more about this workshop, click here. 

Digital readiness for your manufacturing business

Water: Overcoming challenges of adopting IoT

Food & Agribusiness: IoT Impact Workshop: IoT, data and the drought
Farmers are experimenters and innovators by their nature. The Agtech market is booming and most modern farms have a plethora of technology generating oceans of data. But data is useless if we can’t make sense of it. IoT might be the key to connecting technology and data in a way that can help farmers manage the complexities of a harsh and often unpredictable climate.

Empathy is the keyword in this dynamic workshop that aims to put you in the boots of an Australian farmer. You will be encouraged to better understand the experience of farmers as they live and work on drought-affected land. What are the first things they think about each morning? What are their priorities? How do they evaluate short, medium and long-term risks? How do they value and track natural capital alongside traditional assets?

This is just the first step in a fast-paced challenge that will take you through an innovation process that puts the end-user at the very center of technology development. You will rapidly test ideas and prototypes and constantly be challenged to ask yourself: what is the problem we are solving and who are we solving it for?

If you’re interested in agriculture and food systems, and their interface with technology, then this workshop is for you. Equally, if you want to learn new design-led innovation approaches, or if you just like eating safe healthy food, you’ll also get a lot out of the facilitated session.

W3C – The Impact of Standards on IoT Implementations
This Workshop will be led by J. Alan Bird of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) which is the international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards.   You will hear presentations from W3C as well as several of their Member Organizations about how the implemented of Global Web Standards has improved the IoT implementations in areas including Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing and other industries.  It is designed to stimulate discussion in these areas and to identify additional areas of improvement for these standards which will benefit the breadth of IoT implementations in Australia and globally.

Enterprise IoT: From the Art of the Possible to the Art of the Practical
The hot discussion on how IoT will drive business transformation has lasted for more than a decade. However, for many of us, it is disappointing that enterprise IoT has not yet ”crossed the chasm” to larger full-scale adoption. Difficult value-based pricing, hard to maintain custom apps, complex lifecycle management of many technology vendors, hesitancy to invest without an upgrade path all creates barriers. Our challenge now is to evolve from thinking about the Art of the Possible to the Art of the Practical. John Gordon, President of the Commercial IoT Group at Lenovo will share practical insights on what it takes to own, manage, and support technology solutions at scale pulled from bot the industry and Lenovo’s history of global technology support